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Matt Withers

Matt Withers is an ambassador for Australian music, a well-established classical guitar pedagogue, performer and role model for musicians across the country.

His career to date has seen him perform with highly esteemed artists of the likes of William Barton, Sally Whitwell, Acacia Quartet and many national orchestras. Matt has a strong history of performing, recording and commissioning Australian works from distinguished composers as well as from generational peers. With solo and chamber studio albums released on ABC Classics (Australia) and Soundset Recordings (USA), he thrives on taking this music to wider audiences, broadening and expanding their musical horizons.

His entrepreneurial activities include the creation and development of the Australian Music Composition Competition which gives an avenue of support for Australian composers to have their music reach the ears and hearts of their audience. Matt has presented lectures on his passion The Entrepreneurial Guitarist in Europe to blossoming artists, eager to also find their niche in the musical world.

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