Matt Withers

Matt Withers is an internationally acclaimed classical guitarist who has performed with celebrated musicians including William Barton and the Carl Pini String Quartet as well as featured at numerous Guitar Festivals across the globe. In March, Matt toured a solo program across New Zealand in partnership with Universities and Guitar Societies and in 2014 he was invited to perform concerts in France and to provide masterclasses at the renowned Uppsala International Guitar Festival in Sweden. Here, he had the opportunity to present on his passion, the Entrepreneurial Guitarist. Matt enthused other young classical musicians to work hard at their art and use innovative entrepreneurial techniques to further their musical careers.

Matt’s passion to support emerging classical music and other young artists has also driven him to create the Matt Withers Australian Music Composition Competition to give an avenue of support, however modest, for emerging Australian composers. Tertiary music students from across the country have taken advantage of this opportunity. In 2014 Matt performed the competition’s winning pieces at an uplifting concert surrounded by the breathtaking views afforded by the National Arboretum’s Margaret Whitlam Pavilion.

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